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An eastbound Burlington Northern Santa Fe freight train nears the grade crossing at Big Break Road in Oakley,
California. The Antioch Bridge is just visible in the distance in this view looking northwest from Milepost 1147.2.

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Welcome: What Milepost 1147.2 is all about and how it relates to trains.

What's new: A chronology of updates to this site (since May 26, 1999)

About the authors: Meet the otherwise sane folks who created this tribute to railroading.

Our story: How we discovered Milepost 1147.2 and were bitten by the railfan bug.

Gallery: An ever-expanding collection of photos we have taken from our many railfan excursions along the Stockton Subdivision and other locations around California.

Sounds: Railroad-related WAV files for your listening pleasure, mostly from our own collection.

Videos: When we aren't armed with a camera or scanner we have our trusty camcorder. Check out the action from over our back fence and other locales.

Library: A collection of articles on railroading, railfanning and modelers. We have a special section of stories dedicated to safety around trains or the lack thereof. There are currently 22 articles in the library. We will continue to add more as time permits.

Railfan tips: Some of the things we have learned in the field as well as resources for those getting started in this great hobby.

Fun stuff: A few train-related diversions, from games to poetry.

Model Railroading: Visit our garden railway and learn about our multi-scale misadventures.

Links: A link to the... er, links.

We invite your comments and questions. Please send e-mail to Glenn or Roni Gehlke.

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