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Milepost 1147.2 and Oakley -- Scenes from over our back fence and within our city's boundaries.
BNSF Stockton Subdivision -- Scenes from station points located between Calwa (Fresno) and Richmond.
California and Bay Area -- Scenes not specifically related to the Stockton Subdivision or Oakley.
By Railroad -- Images grouped by railroad with photo credit and limited description only.
Railfan Trips -- Vacations and day trips; museums, fairs and festivals; etc.
Etcetera -- Postcards, whimsy, accident photos and other odd topics.
Railfair '99 -- Our visit to Railfair '99 in Sacramento and related activities.

Railfair '99

A look at the activities surrounding the Railfair celebration in Sacramento, California.

Preparations — Big steam locomotives arrive and the museum gets ready. 13 images

A day at Railfair '99 — We visit the big show on a Monday. 29 images

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Milepost 1147.2 and Oakley

This section focuses on scenes within our city's boundaries.

Over our back fence — Selected images taken from our own trackside vantage point. 16 images

Oakley — A look at BNSF's double-tracked mainline around Milepost 1146.0. 12 images

DuPont — Scenes from in and around this mile-long industrial siding and switching yard. 14 images

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BNSF Stockton Subdivision

This section covers specific locations on the Stockton Sub.

The Grand Tour — A station-by-station look at the Stockton Sub between Calwa (Fresno) and Richmond.

Antioch — Along the banks of the Delta and the Amtrak passenger station. 8 images

Bay Point — General Chemical, where three rail lines converge. 5 images

East Antioch — A dying industrial backdrop on one side, grape vineyards on the other. 5 images

Glen Frazer — Mountain railroading, Bay Area style. 1 image

Hillyard — The USS-POSCO steel mill keeps this busy yard humming. 5 images

Knightsen — A tiny town with two crossings and lots of high-speed action. 1 image

Oakley — A look at BNSF's double-tracked mainline around Milepost 1146.0. 12 images

Orwood — One of the prettiest places along the mainline. 8 images

Riverbank — They don't call this place the "City of Action" for nothing. 4 images

Sando — Many angles from which to view switching action at the local industries. 12 images

Stockton — Amtrak station, Santa Fe Stockton Tower, Union Pacific diesel shops. 17 images

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California and Bay Area

Locales unrelated or not specifically related to the Stockton Subdivision.

Oakland — Amtrak station at Jack London Square, the Port of Oakland and more. 7 images

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By Railroad

This section features train images only, categorized by railroad and road number with a minimal description.

Amtrak 29 images

Burlington Northern Santa Fe

Southern Pacific

Union Pacific


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Railfan trips

These images are grouped according to theme, in most cases from a specific day or event.

Western Railway Museum — Journey to Rio Vista Junction to visit historic street cars and locomotives. 17 images

Celebrate the Century Express — A look at the U.S. Postal Service special on its stop at Santa Rosa. 9 images

Altamont Commuter Express — We chase the Bay Area's new commuter line on its first days of revenue service. 8 images

Oakdale — A rainy visit to the home of the Hershey Chocolate Visitor Center. 4 images

Railtown 1897 — We catch some live steam action at this popular California tourist railroad. 11 images

Truckee Railroad Days — Scenes from the 1998 first-year event. 9 images

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Topics that just don't fit comfortably elsewhere.

Night photography — Don't hide you camera when the sun goes down, the fun is just beginning. 9 images

Postcards — Want a postcard of that favorite obscure railfan spot? Come and get 'em! 17 images

Whimsy — If you need a chuckle, take a gander at the lighter side of railfanning. 6 images

Benji's photos — So simple even a child can do it. 5 images

DuPont closure — A documentary of industrial railroad operations at DuPont and its Alco S4 switcher. 10 images

Derailments, accidents and mishaps — An unfortunate fact of railroading. 14 images

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Coming soon... hopefully

"These are the things... these are the things... the things that dreams are made of." — Human League

Martinez — Amtrak station, Southern Pacific steam engine display.

Truckee — Trains in the snow. Trains in the sun. Portola Railroad Museum.

Sacramento — California State Railroad Museum, Amtrak station.

Roseville — UP's Roseville Yard.

Tehachapi vacation — Tehachapi Loop, Caliente, Mojave and Bakersfield.

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