Name that locomotive

Below are the number boards of several famous or semi-recognizable locomotives that have appeared in northern California. Can you match the photos to their corresponding owners? We have thrown in some decoy answers, just to make things more challenging. Answers appear below.










(1) Burlington Northern B30-7A

(2) Union Pacific E9A

(3) Southern Pacific AC-12 4-6-6-4

(4) Western Pacific GP20

(5) Southern Pacific E9A

(6) Chicago & North Western GP9

(7) BNSF 9-44CW

(8) Amtrak AMD-103

(9) Western Pacific F7

(10) Altamont Commuter Express F40PH

(11) Denver & Rio Grande SD50

(12) Santa Fe F7

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Answers: A-4, B-10, C-12, D-1, E-3, F-7, G-5, H-9, I-2