Last updated Friday, June 11, 1999

Central California RailsDavid Epling has compiled one of the most comprehensive sites dealing with Stockton and the rail companies that serve the area. He offers a growing collection of photos, shareware, news and other information, with his principal coverage devoted to the BNSF's Stockton Tower.

Trainorders — This is arguably the best railroad-related site on the Internet. Webmaster Todd Clark has invested extensive time and personal finances to develop an environment that appeals to railroaders and railfans alike. The discussion boards I highly recommend. You can also find audio and video clips, a photo library and the popular Tehachapi and Dunsmuir railcams. NOTE: This site has recently been sold to and is undergoing changes.

The Burlington Northern Photo Archive — Charles Biel has undertaken the mammoth task of compiling a photographic database of every Burlington Northern unit that ever existed. The photos are mostly roster shots, but all are of extremely high quality. He has miles to go to complete the collection, but his efforts so far have resulted in an impressive collection. NOTE: This site has moved several times and we do not have a current link. We will update this listing when we have more information. — This may be the fastest growing community of railfan-related web sites on the Internet. Not only are these folks the ISP for Milepost 1147.2, but for literally hundreds of other railfan pages as well. A click on this link will take you to their main page that includes an index of every site they host.

Santa Fe Subjects — Evan Werkema is an excellent source of information on the Santa Fe and its history. His web site features a list of the remaining depots and other structures built by the railroad, as well as photos of preserved steam locomotives, units in the Kodachrome paint scheme and the Santa Fe's all-time steam roster.

Wa1rka's Stockton Tower — John Manter maintains this site dedicated to railfanning around the Stockton area. He has some excellent photos taken at the Stockton Tower, including the BNSF Stockton Subdivision. John's photos have also appeared on David Epling's site, which he helped construct.

Railroading in the San Francisco Bay Area — This is a nicely done site that includes photos from the western end of the Stockton Subdivision by photographer Frank Caron and others. Check out the BNSF action photos section for images of Rheem, Gately, Collier, Christie and other locations.

East Bay Railroad Sightings — John Raina has organized a comprehensive site that covers all the major railroad lines in the San Francisco Bay Area. Be forewarned, the home page (as of this writing) is a major download — tons of graphics — but well worth the wait.

Funnelfan's Railfan Site — If you like the BNSF and lots of mountain and country scenery, you'll love Ted Curphey's site that focuses on the famous Funnel region of the Pacific Northwest. Lots of different roadnames are featured and the photography is superb. The home page is heavy on gif files, so slow connectors be patient.

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